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GTA San Andreas

What is Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a video game series developed and managed by the Rockstar Gaming Industry. This industry is always successful in bringing new amazing games like GTA games, Max Payne or R2D, etc.
This series of games is among the world’s top 5 best games list.

Features of GTA games?

GTA games are well known for the character freedom in this game. A user or gamer can do whatever they wish to do in this game. A lot of activities and missions are available in this.
GTA gives a lot of abilities like:

and More.

Not only this there is a big storyline in all games which have their excitements. Story mode is done in missions. Where the player has to complete all missions and get rewards. Also with rewards, users can buy their properties and places.

GTA San Andreas (4k Mod)

A variety of GTA games are available on majorly all platforms but unluckily there is not large support on the android platform. Only a few games are available on android which also requires high specs android phones.

But don’t worry GTA series has large fan clubs and thus there are large numbers of mods of application. These Mods are created by any fan developer with limited missions and the same features.

Today I have brought GTA San Andreas 4k Mod for your android phone. This mod has the same features as the official game. Users can swim, run, drive, etc all basic abilities there.

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