download wwe 2k
WWE 2k

Download WWE 2k for free for Android

Hello friends, if you want to download WWE 2k game on your Android mobile for free. This article is for you can get all the detail about your favorite game WWE 2k. You can get the Google Drive link of WWE 2k it means it is the premium link of WWE 2k for a hundred percent free on our website. So let’s begin.

download wwe 2k
WWE 2k

There are many wrestling games available for many gaming platforms. Like PlayStation and Xbox or Microsoft computers. In Android mobile, the  WWE games are not available very much. WWE 2k is the only WWE game that is available on Google Android Play Store. WWE lover wants to play WWE 2k on Android for free. The process of download WWE 2k is not very much hard but you need to read the article carefully. If you still don’t understand you can watch a related video

Let’s talk about the game. The Game graphics of the game is really amazing. The gameplay of the game is super. WWE 2k is one of the best wrestling games. All your favorite WWE superstar is available in this game. The game doesn’t contain the new WWE superstars like Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and AJ style, etc. Overall WWE 2k is really great to play If you are a wrestling lover. So what wasting time let’s take look at the roster WWE 2k.

The Roster In WWE 2k:

Brock Lesnar
Triple H
Undertaker *Goldberg
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
Hulk Hogan
John Cena
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Bad News Barrett
Big Show
Bray Wyatt
Seth Rollins
Triple H
Undertaker *Goldberg

In WWE 2k we aren’t able to play the Tag Team matches, Royal Rumble matches, and many of the matches. In WWE 2k you can play career mode single player. Also, you can play this game multiplayer with your friends online or offline. To play WWE 2k offline you need to connect with your Bluetooth device. while you want to play online then you need to use the Google Play games.

So if you want to get this and download the WWE 2k game rooster then you need to download WWE 2k. The problem is that WWE 2k is paid on Google Play Store. So I will tell you how to download WWE 2k for free on your Android mobile. You no need to download the Extra file you just need to download one file the file which I am giving you. It contains both apk of the WWE 2k and the obb file of WWE 2k.  After you download the game you need to install the apk. After installing the apk of WWE 2k you need to copy and paste obb into your Android obb folder. That’s it your game will start.

Process of how to download WWE 2k  for android:

  • download the google drive file of WWE 2k.
  • Download Zarchiver to extract the WWE 2k.
  • Extract the downloaded file of WWE 2k.
  • The Password is also given with the file.
  • After that install the apk of WWE 2k.
  • Copy or cut and paste obb file of WWE 2k in the android obb folder.
  • Open Apk your Game will start.


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