Pubg Mobile 0.15.5 Update, Team Death Match || TDM New Map Information

Hello friends today in this article we are talking about player unknown battlegrounds game. As we all know that recently there is a new update of pubg mobile where launched this update called pubg mobile 0.15.5 version. In this new update of pubg mobile. There are a lot of new things were introduced like different kind of guns, new features and map.

Today in this article we are discussing about some amazing feature were launched in new update of pubg mobile.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Version:

The tencent gaming company. Keep on updating the player unknown battlegrounds mobile game.


With new versions and new updates their launching some new user demanded features.

Similarly again with the new version of the pubg mobile game. And this time the currently new version launched called 0.15.5 version.

There are a lot of new things were introduced in this new version of pubg mobile which we are going to talk right now.

The amount of demand of some Battleground games especially in India, are increased a lot.

Features Of Pubg Mobile 0.15.0 Game:

New kind of lobby interface where provided. In the beginning of the pubg mobile game.

Brand new costumes, and the other inventory accessories where provided in this new version of pubg mobile game.

A brand-new TDM map where introduced in this version of pubg mobile. The name of the new TDM map is ‘ruins’.

New new skins of gun in the shop of the pubg mobile game. Where updated so keep on completing the missions to get the more accessories.

New emotes, and a lot of new inventory accessories we are updated in this version of pubg mobile for better gaming experience.

What Is TDM In Pubg Mobile?

Show the TDM mode in pubg mobile is nothing but, a team deathmatch mode where launched before some of the updates.

In this mode actually we have our squad of four people, and against the score of four people.

Like we have people of squad of our friends. On the other side we have another people of squad.

The battle between both of these two squads. In a warehouse map is MOD of pubg called TDM.

The rule of the games are simple. Like we have to kill 40 people. So the first squad who kill 40 people fastly. Will be declared the winner of this game.

New TDM Map In Pubg Mobile

Super lot of people have their questions, regarding the TDM mode in pubg mobile. So let me just clear it out.

In the recent updates of pubg mobile the launched a mode called TDM mode. In their recent updates.

TDM mode is nothing but a team death match. The long form of TDM is team death match.

So as we all know that the tedium matches were held in in a warehouse of a particular map where created for this mode.

Apparently the map which is based on erangle map of pubg mobile. A warehouse format where created for the TDM matches.

Now before 0.15.5 version of pubg mobile. We have only one format map for the TDM matches and that is the warehouse.

But in this new version of pubg mobile a dedicated new map named ‘ruins’ where launched.

So this new map is totally based on the sanhok map which is present in pubg mobile.

Features Of New TDM Map In Pubg Mobile:

So this new TDM map comes up with amazing environment. There are a lot of trees purchase where provided like the sanhok map. Overall this new TDM app gives you the feeling of sanhok map.

Show the features of these new TDM map which is launched in pubg mobile 0.15.5 version are given as follows:

A lot of places to hide where provided. There are a lot hidden places where provided where we can actually hi there or defend ourselves.

Different spawning places where provided. So this is basically e a big map as considered to the warehouse map of the existing TDM mode.

So this map is a big map and the spawning of player when we dead in this match. Is not at a fixed position. The spawning areas where different.

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